Welcome to the homepage of PTSS, the Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service. This website is aimed at Communication Service Providers (CSP) as well as Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) for information, communication and exchange purposes. The Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service is an independent service in charge of lawful interception in Switzerland.


Persons required to cooperate can submit an application via the extranet in order to have their obligation status assessed by PTSS, for example to have their status changed to CSP with reduced surveillance obligations (Downgrade). Documentation supporting the application must also be submitted here. Furthermore, the persons required to cooperate can communicate changes to their details, for example the contact details of their LI-Officers, via the extranet.





21. march: Press Release - Go live of the new components WMC (Warrant Management Component) and IRC (Information Request Component)

1st march 2019: Update technical ordinance

The new Federal Act on the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications (SPTA) is now available in english (no legal force)


Last updated: 03/21/2019 - 17:03