Administrative Criminal Proceedings

The SPTA and the associated implementing ordinances give the PTSS additional tasks, one of which is to conduct administrative criminal proceedings. An independent head of investigator for administrative criminal proceedings has duties similar to that of a public prosecutor. 

Since March 2018, the PTSS has had the authority to prosecute anyone failing to fulfill their legal obligations in connection with the surveillance of post and telecommunications.

If there is a breach of criminal law, the ‘mini public prosecution service’ at the PTSS, a team of two, examines the facts of the case and may order and conduct compulsory measures such as seizure, searches and questioning.

When the investigation procedure is complete, the PTSS issues a penalty order or an order to dismiss the proceedings.

The PTSS publishes any decisions to issue fines.


Media accreditation

The PTSS makes decisions available to media representatives who have registered by E-Mail with Nils Güggi (, liaison officer of the PTSS.

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